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Strategic Consulting is a service offering that delivers real results to your business while ensuring a level of confidence and certainty that no other company can match. Strategic Consulting is a small but rapidly growing service, providing the adaptability and scalability of a large-cap consultant with the responsiveness and flexibility of a local boutique service provider.  Our portfolio is comprised of the following services:


  • IT Strategy Development:  Fundamental, ground-up analysis of existing business strategy, processes, and goals; evaluation of service gaps and process painpoints, and development of solutions to ultimately reach the enterprise’s vision.

  • Stakeholder Relationship Management:  As new enterprise strategies are developed, new requirements will emerge for your business. Our team will help facilitate and mediate any potential business demands from enterprise functional program management, coordination, communication management, and business alignment, to properly transition to the approved to-be solutions in a transparent and timely manner.

  • Business Process Automation:  Analysis of existing business processes for potential automation opportunities, resulting in increased efficiency, lower costs, and cycle time reduction.

  • Program and Project Management:  Small- and large-scale project management expertise and framework provided in any enterprise environment. Using best practices from PMI to deliver solutions on time, on budget and quality.

  • Portfolio Management:  Strategic Consulting provides an incisive suite of business processes that systematically identify, evaluate, recommend, align and maximize value from your enterprise investments, and mesh future investments with overall strategy. 


  • Enterprise Architecture:  By creating a holistic view of your information assets, data, systems, and processes, our team will help translate a company’s vision, strategies, and overall objectives into effective operational planning and design.


  • End-to-End Process Engineering:  Complete design, build, and delivery of new business processes in growing enterprise environments, with an eye for existing process cohesion and harmony and overall enterprise objectives.  


  • Process Improvement:  Application of Lean Six Sigma principles to improve existing business processes and the systems and platforms they support.


  • Change Management and Realization:  Implementation of new strategies almost invariably requires changes to processes, technologies, job roles, and organizational structures; Strategic Consulting will help your organization understand and manage its changing environment in a seamless, efficient manner.

  • Value Based Planning and Benefit Realization:  Cost/benefit analysis of existing enterprise services and processes to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings across your business functions.


  • Outsourcing/In-sourcing: Strategic Consulting will guide your business through the process of determining which services make sense to outsource, find appropriate partners, and help you manage and finalize the outsourcing process. Conversely, we will help your business evaluate currently outsourced services for potential reacquisition if your enterprise has the in-house resources to manage more efficiently and cost-effectively.   


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