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Data is one of your most valuable business assets, and its integrity and security is the underpinning of your enterprise.  We are driven to understand and manage how your data is created, governed, controlled and consumed by your business. Our team will help ensure your data is accurate, accessible, protected, functional, and usable.  Our Data Services portfolio includes: 

  • Business Analysis: Our business analyst team acts as a bridge between your business and the technology solutions teams. Our business analysts participate in strategic projects by providing clarity of business requirements, and the delivery mechanisms that follow. They follow a designed process to analyze, document, transform, and ultimately deliver the solutions that meet your strategic goals.

  • Data Architecture: This team plays a critical role in determining architectural approaches for data environments, tools and technologies which ensures the data needs of your enterprise are being met. This team focuses on building data models and leveraging cutting edge industry approaches, platforms, and tools to design robust data applications and systems.

  • Database Administration: Our Data Services DBAs manage the creation and maintenance of your databases, including security, access control audit report and its policy, importation/exportation, interface, feeds, replication/backup, and new stand-ups.

  • Data Visualization and Reporting: We design interactive, drill-down, and data-driven graphics capabilities to bring your data and reports to life, based on your business needs. We provide carefully constructed canned and standardized reports, coupled with friendly user interfaces for custom report creation.

  • Data Analytics / BI: Data Services excels at data mining and evaluation, enabling optimal business control and decision-making; this service is tied closely with the Value Based Planning and Benefits Realization service offered in Techfide’s Strategic Consulting portfolio.

  • Production Operations: This is the backend engine that keeps our environments running smoothly according to our service level agreements. This function provides users with access to tools and data while ensuring appropriate processes and authorizations are followed.

  • Quality Assurance: Quality assurance and testing certifies that the software developed for the data sourcing, validation and visualization functions aligns to the specified business requirements. This team is responsible for testing the software for functionality relative to requirements, as well as data/system integration and performance, and will sign off before the code is turned over to business users.

  • Data Quality: Data is a critical asset and the most important component for your business decisions and regulatory reporting. We work closely with your functional business teams to understand the business rules that govern your data.  We conduct thorough assessments to ensure your data is accurate and comprehensive, remediate existing gaps, and monitor any implemented fixes to ensure continuity and seamless, quality data flow going forward.


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Nota Legal: TechFides es una empresa de Musa Asset Management

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